Important Garry's Mod English HL2 Co-op HL2 Campaign Rules

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Server rules
1. Respect everyone, especially the staff.
2. No griefing, (rushing, breaking props that people need, etc.)
3. Do not backseat moderate. This is a job meant for the staff of the server.
4. Don't randomly pick a map in the lobby, decide on one with your fellow players.
5. If a new player is having trouble with the difficulty, you should turn down the difficulty.
6. Report misbehavior to the fellow staff.
7. English only!

Vortexes are orbs of experience that you can collect, and every map that is part of a campaign has a vortex. Rushing past them when a player wants them is considered griefing.
Some of them are difficult and require more complex tricks.

Map specific rules
d2_coast_11, also known as the Don't step on the sand! achievement map. If others need this achievement, let only one person do the map. If they fail, you may continue normally.
ep1_citadel_03, also known as the map where you get the Pacifist achievement. Do not kill the stalkers on this map if someone is in need of the achievement.
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